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Protect the rights of depositors based on a defined limited sum per deposit in the event of the bank’s inability to repay depositors, enhance confidence in the banking system and preserve stability and increase awareness about the deposit insurance scheme and encourage savings.

إذا كنت تملك وديعة وبأي عملة كانت لدى أي بنك مرخص وعامل في فلسطين فأنت مشمول بالضمان على ودائعك آلياً وبدون تعبئة أو تقديم طلبات, وبدون أي مصاريف أو رسوم تأمين.وبغض النظر عن الوضع القانوني لصاحب الحساب من حيث مقيم او غير مقيم

الودائع: يقصد بها كافة الحسابات (الحسابات الجارية، حسابات التوفير، الحسابات لأجل) لدى البنوك المرخصة في فلسطين.



This system guarantees depositors their funds and instantly insures 1.1 million of all depositors representing approximately 93% of all depositors in licensed banks in Palestine.

Each licensed bank in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will pay a specified percentage of  its total deposits as insurance to the PDIC. The insurance will be invested in separate funds, one for conventional banks and the other for Islamic banks in a manner that complies with Islamic law. In the event of the liquidation of any bank, the PDIC can return deposits to depositors quickly from the insurance. 

A depositor does not have to pay any fees to benefit from the insurance on his deposits; the sum is paid by the member banks.

In its first meeting, the PDIC Board of Directors set a ceiling of ten thousand dollars for each account.

The depositor will receive ten thousand dollars in immediate compensation (within one month from the date of the claim). He will then be compensated from the bank’s earnings under the liquidation and according to the priorities defined by the law.