Strategic Plan

The PDIC set its strategic plan that aims at raising the public awareness of the deposit insurance system in Palestine, in addition to promoting cooperation with local and international partner institutions to enhance PDIC performance.

The executive management plans to achieve PDIC’s mission which aims at fostering Palestinian financial stability, increasing public confidence in the banking system and providing depositors protection at the member banks.

The strategic plan focuses on incorporating Information Technology innovations through implementing new systems that enhance the effectiveness of PDIC processes and data flow from the member banks and Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA), as this will positively impact the quality of data and periodic reports.

The PDIC pays great attention to improving its human capital as a key factor in achieving strategic goals.  As such, the management has adopted a training and capacity building plan for all PDIC staff in various managerial, technical, financial and Information Technology fields.

The PDIC was able to achieve many of its goals in the recent years, which provided motivation for superior performance in the coming years, supported by the hard work of PDIC staff under its Board of Directors supervision.

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