PDIC Establishment , Vision & Mission


Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) was founded pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Law by Decree No. (7) Of 2013, having legal entity and enjoying legal capacity as a financially and administratively independent corporation to fulfil its mandated function to protect depositors with member banks, encourage saving and promote confidence in the Palestinian banking system.

According to the provisions of its Law, PDIC enjoys vast authority as may be necessary to exercise its function as an insurer of deposits and bank liquidator. The Law grants it also supervisory authority realized through the regular interchange of data and information on member banks with the PMA as per certain protocols that guarantee all information necessary is provided to the PDIC to achieve its objectives.

Our vision

To reach a leading professional position in insurance deposits at the regional and international levels.


Our mission

To increase confidence in the Palestinian banking system and protect depositors’ savings in member banks.

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